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Biometric data comparison on Smart Cards

August 12th, 2011 | Posted by rihards in Research


Part of the project is to integrate a smart card system with overall biometric system. At first, raw biometric data comparison software for Java card was developed and then the biohash’s biocode comparison algorithm implemented in Java card. The problem to develope an algorithm for smart cards is that they don’t support floating point numbers. That means that the algorithms must be optimized for integer computations. Our smart cards support 16 bit signed integers, that means that there will be computational errors because of the low precision. The cards are programmed by using a subset of java. Below is a table where the computational errors and running time can be seen. It can be seen that comparing the encrypted data, the computation error is about 2 times smaller. That is because the operations are straight forward and only needs to compare 2 series of bits.








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