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Image acquisition in infrared and visible light

November 25th, 2011 | Posted by rihards in Research

Multimodal biometric systems use two or more biometric parameters to increase the overall system’s performance and precision. As we use palm as out main biometric object, it is important to acquire images of a palm in two different light spectra. First we can capture image in visible light to obtain image of a palm print structure and second we can capture image in infrared light spectra ┬áto capture palm vein structure. Therefore, an image acquisition design in FPGA is developed, to acquire images in infrared and visible light spectrum from previously developed camera module. Data is stored in SRAM and can be displayed on VGA screen, on the external LCD display module or can be sent to a PC by using a USB data interface that is also developed for easy software debugging and data transfer between FPGA and PC . Few of the acquired sample images are shown below:

Palm capture (infrared light)

Palm capture (visible light)


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