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Palm print and vein biometric prototyping system

April 11th, 2012 | Posted by rihards in Research

Recently we have developed a palm print and palm vein biometric prototyping system. Main task for such prototyping system is to demonstrate various ways how a palm based biometric system can be implemented. Two biometric parameters (palm prints and palm veins) can be used separately or together. Smart cards can be used to develop biometric system that stores biometric data on card of performs match on card comparison. For intuitive interface with the system an LCD touch screen display is added.

The system is based on ALTERA DE-2 FPGA development kit, the image capturing device that can be configured to operate in infrared (IR) and visible light spectrums. Also a smart card interface was implemented for the development of  biometric systems with smart cards. Also an LCD with touch screen, for easy debugging and interfacing to the system is implemented. Palm positioning pegs are used to guide the user where to put his palm.

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