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Generalized Complex 2D Matched Filter

September 8th, 2011 | Posted by rihards in Research

Previously we have described Complex 2D Matched Filter (CMF) that is an angle invariant line-like object detection filter. Then we introduced Non Halo – Complex 2D Matched (NH-CMF) filter that gets rid of the unwanted halo artifacts in the filtering process.  Those filters were designed to extract only lines from images. What we have discovered is that we can generalize the CMF filter for different line-like object detection. Therefore we can detect object boundaries, lines, and different line crossings. This filter is called Generalize Complex 2D Matched Filter (GCMF). The objects that can be extracted from the images by using first 5 orders of the GCMF filter are shown below.


Corresponding GCMF filter masks are :

Higher order filter masks can also be generated to extract specific objects in images. Examples of GCMF 2 and GCMF 4 are shown below. For further information on GCMF please see the GCMF publication and GCMF poster.

Palm vein image filtered with GCMF 2

Face image with grid projection filtered with GCMF 4

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