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ConMonity – IoT platform for real-time monitoring of concrete hardening

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European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”. 1.2.1. specific support goal “To increase Investments of Private Sector in R&D” ; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System” Project “Industrial inertial wireless sensor” Nr. KC-PI-2020/58

Why do we care about the concrete hardening process?

After water concrete is the most widely used substance on the planet claims The Guardian. It’s extremely robust, durable, versatile, and malleable – all at the same time. Concrete is the foundation of modern development, putting roofs over the heads of billions, fortifying our defences against natural disasters, and providing a structure for healthcare, education, transport, energy, and industry. Yet there’s a catch.

Conmonity challenge

The challenge

From the time wet concrete is being poured, and throughout the whole life cycle of the concrete product, many important processes, and parameters (such as humidity, temperature, pressure, and load) must be adequately considered to ensure a safe and long-lasting structure.

Material limitations, design and construction practices, and severe environmental exposure conditions can cause concrete to deteriorate, which may result in aesthetic, functional, and/or structural problems.

Therefore, to eliminate the possible damage and even collapse of the construction that is due to the poorly monitored concrete hardening process, we offer technology that allows with high accuracy to monitor various concrete hardening processes and notify about any deviations from the norms, especially the first year after the pouring.

Conmonity solution

The solution

Concrete is subjected to aging, thus monitoring of fresh concrete is crucial. A non-destructive IoT system capable to monitor the concrete hardening process and increase the quality of decisions by providing reliable in-situ information in real-time.

This is important because predicting the behavior of the concrete structures is almost impossible due to a list of influencing factors such as diversity of loads, environmental influence, cyclic seasonal loads, and also the geographical region.

The researchers of the EDI scientific institute have developed an IoT system “ConMonity” which is capable to measure all the necessary parameters (temperature, humidity, and threedimensional stress) of the concrete hardening process in real-time. By using the “ConMonity” solution, any construction company can monitor several different sites at the same time from their headquarters.

Key ConMonity Components

ConMonity components


ConMonity components

Data acquisition & wireless communication (LoRA) module

ConMonity components

One gateway for up to 256 sensor system

ConMonity components

LTE communication with servers

ConMonity components

Local or Cloud server

ConMonity components

Mobile or PC app

How does ConMonity work?


Sensors (temperature, humidity, deformation) are embedded into fresh concrete together with data acquisition and wireless communication module.


Data from these sensors are gathered in a data acquisition and wireless communication module (or logger) and then sent to the gateway, which communicates with the server.


Sensor data through servers are sent to your mobile or desktop app for real-time data processing, visualization, and further analysis.


Core Benefits

ConMonity components

Long-range radio wireless network for data collection to monitor all construction objects

ConMonity components

Email and text alerts
during concrete
hardening process

ConMonity benefits

User changeable interval to receive reliable Time-Synchronized readings from sensors

ConMonity benefits

Data acquisition and measurements from in-situ concrete

ConMonity benefits

Intuitive GUI to configure wireless data loggers and the whole monitoring process

Key Solution Features

ConMonity Benefits

Low-cost installation

ConMonity Benefits

Reliable and waterproof design

ConMonity Benefits

Long battery life, up to 2 years

ConMonity Benefits

Free Android app

ConMonity Benefits

Data export (CSV and other formats)

ConMonity Benefits

Interactive plottig of data, and notifications, recommendations (smart algorithms)

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About EDI

The Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) is a public research institute founded in 1960 in Riga, Latvia. EDI has ~100 researchers working on innovative technologies in electronics and computer science.

EDI is among the highest-rated scientific institutions in Latvia, focusing on research and development in Smart Embedded Cooperative Systems (SECS) based on original and/or complex signal processing approaches. Our mission is to perceive the world and design a better future by creating new knowledge, developing innovative technologies, and demonstrating their practical significance in real-life applications.

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ConMonity is an IoT platform for real-time monitoring of concrete hardening

European Regional Development Fund Project Application. 1.2.1. specific support goal “To Increase the Private Sector Investments R&D”; measure “Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System”


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